Love has always been described as being “blind” hence the need to tolerate every attitude or action of both partners in a relationship, but that’s a no-no for me.

The goal of most relationships is MARRIAGE, therefore it is extremely important for partners to study each other, know how compatible you are, know the strengths and weaknesses of one another, etc.

Let’s take a look at some red flags that must not be overlooked in a relationship leading to marriage:

1. An abusive partner

Often times when the issue of abuse comes up, the thought of men as perpetrators readily cross people’s minds. But the truth is both men and women can and abuse people. A person can be abused physically or emotionally. They are either scarred on the outside or on the inside.
Abuse of any kind is unacceptable.

If you are in a relationship and anytime you wrong your partner knowingly or unknowingly, the only form of correction you receive is a slap on your cheeks, that’s a serious red flag warning.

Let’s get a lot more practical here: for instance, let’s say you two have agreed to go to the movies at 6:00pm at the mall; but an emergency occurs. You were not in the right frame of mind to even think of reaching him to inform him immediately, as result you kept him waiting for an extra 30 minutes before you arrive. Upon your arrival, you see your man upset and unwilling to listen to any explanation you may have. There and then, be you could say jack, he lands two quick slaps out of anger for keeping him waiting with any reasons. After, in anger, he leaves the place and you’re on alone.
As a lady, you have experienced this from your man on countless occasions but you are still glued to him with the hope that he will change when you two get married. Never be deceived my sister, this attitude will continue even in the marriage. Most often, men are the ones who physically abusive and ladies, on the other hand, abuse with their words – emotionally. An abusive lady will insult you, call you names, insult your personality without any form of remorse. Such characters must be avoided completely if you really want to enjoy your relationship.

2. A cheating partner:

Sex is one of the major issues of concern in a love relationship. Some people go to the extent of committing suicide all because they caught their lovers in bed with another person. You and your partner have agreed not to have any sexual intercourse until you are legally married, only for you to pay him a visit and catch him redhanded having an affair with another lady in bed. He comes to apologise to you afterwards. You forgive him but this keeps recurring. That is a red flag you should not be toying with. The earlier you advised yourself, the better for you because this will not change even after he has married you.

To be continued…..

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