A Positive Action

An individual’s perception of his future is always of a positive nature. However, such a bright day will only be converted into a reality when its thinker acts positive in life. It is not viable to live a downbeat life and end up with an upbeat life.

We all have massive dreams. Every dreamer aspires to be very successful one day. On the contrary, many “future-optimists” do little preparations towards their future.

They fail to pray (consult God), take initiative and adhere to life changing counsel. Some live careless and ruthless lives forgetting that “the future depends on what you do in the present”¬ – (Mahatma Gandhi) and also “an unexamined life is not worth living” – (Socrates).

Majority of these “future-optimists” sit down and anticipate success to fall like rain. It’s not possible. Living such an off-putting life denotes the word IMPOSSIBLE exists in their life dictionary and as a substance of fact it is the most treasured word.

A lot of noises have been made about a bright future, it is now time to pipe down and launch an effort. A positive Action is required.

Someone said “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. Well these words have been misconstrued so many times in many ways. However, in terms of the subject matter for today, it’s perfect! Helping yourself to attain a certain level of life is A Positive Action.

The days of idleness are over. If you have any skill, hone it! This is the time. Take an optimistic step towards that exceptional vision.

Do not be sloppy and insensitive; be cautious of the fact that you are God’s child. Live an appreciable life in the sight of God, first, and then men. Someone said “there is light at the end of the tunnel”; now I tell you, walk towards that light. That walk through (your) tunnel to (your) special light is A Positive Action.

Be focused, for a focused person cannot be turned away from an intended purpose. As writers, it took us (Africa Articles) quite a long time before achieving one of our aims- blogging.

There were lots of debates about what to publish and what not. The intended purpose was there, but the initial step to be taken was confusion.

Finally, we agreed, took a step and here we are. The few visits, followers, likes and comments on our posts always give us a sense of fulfillment.

It took us A Positive Action (agreeing and taking a step) to get here and impact our world positively.

Dear friends, if you want to have a sense of fulfillment with your projected purpose in life, make a move now!

It is said that little drops of water make an ocean, kindly allow me to translate that; little, little efforts help actualize a bigger dream. A Positive Action is a requirement. Be positive, for if you are, you become a reflection of God’s will.

Success can never elude you when your actions in life are positive for God Himself supports A Positive Action.

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