Apam drowning: Burial service held for teens [Pics]

The burial service for the teenagers who drowned in a sea at Apam a week ago has finally been held.

Families, friends and sympathisers of the teenagers who lost their lives could not hold back their tears as the teenagers were laid to rest.

Ahead of the burial service, the Gomoa Akyemepim Traditional Council performed rituals to appease the gods.

A cow, 3 sheep, 12 fowls, 33 tubers of yam and 3 cartons of schnapps to the gods of the land on Monday the 15th of March.

Credit: Citinewsroom

Members of the community believe that the teenagers disobeyed the laws of the land by swimming in a portion meant for the gods, hence, the unfortunate demise of majority of the partakers.

Credit: Citinewsroom

Police reports however suggested that a heavy tidal wave overwhelmed them while swimming leading to the tragedy over a week ago.

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