Assault on journalist: Investigate and punish perpetrators – OccupyGhana demands

Pressure group OccupyGhana has condemned the alleged assault on Citi FM Journalist, Caleb Kudah by National Security operatives for recording videos of abandoned vehicles at a supposed restricted area.

The group has therefore demanded that government sets up an independent investigation into the matter and punish perpetrators if any wrongdoing is established.

Another journalist, Zoe Abu-Baidoo, was also arrested on the premises of Citi FM after receiving the recorded videos from her colleague, Caleb Kudah.

Following his arrest Caleb alleged that he was manhandled by the operatives of National Security.

This incident has triggered massive uproar among Ghanaians with OccupyGhana being the latest to add their voice.

In a statement released on Friday, May 14, the group lamented that it is “troubled by these developments” explaining that “These allegations, in their very nature, have no place in a civilised democracy, a 29-year-old democratic experiment, and under a republican constitution that touts the rule of law. The allegations outline a bestial culture of impunity, an animalistic disregard for basic human rights and a demonic manifestation of tendencies that have no place even in a holocaust camp. We are appalled and disgusted, and when proven true by an independent body, we demand that the perpetrators so named be charged with nothing less than the crime of attempted murder, tried, convicted, jailed and dismissed from the employment of the government without any benefits.”

They are demanding answers to the following questions:

Was Mr. Caleb Kudah, at any point during his accosting by the National Security operatives, informed of what specific Ghanaian law he had breached by his mobile phone documentation of the issue or object that had piqued his journalistic interest?

Was the journalist read his rights at any point during Lt-Col Serebour’s (Rtd) description of an interrogation?

Under what law did National Security operatives coerce both journalists into deleting materials on their personal mobile telephony devices?

The Chief Director of the Ministry of National Security alluded to some “No Photography” rules at restricted security zones. Can he be kind enough to refer us to what law his description of such rules is grounded in?

Full statement below

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