Olu (an old) man Moses had stage fright. He couldn’t speak in public. Gideon was a ‘fearo.’ Teenager David brought a stone to a sword fight. God chose young virgin Mary to raise the King and Saviour of the world. And Jesus called out twelve nobodies and changed their lives. The point is: *God used them all because He can use anyone.*

All through Scripture, we see numberless accounts of people God used at different times and in different situations. Some were instant, dramatic, public, forceful; others too were gradual, subtle, quiet and unannounced. But one thing remained constant – God used people!

And He used anybody. Men, women, children, kings & queens, priests, warriors, shepherds, good and bad people, the timid and the bold, the nobodies and even animals. All these make it somewhat difficult to trace the steps of God, isn’t it?

These varied characters and circumstances may beg the question _*”So, who exactly does God use and what does He consider before?”*_ in your mind.

Have you ever wanted to be used of God? I believe it is a God-given desire to want to serve the Lord. But maybe you’ve wondered at times what qualifications the Lord looks for in the life of a man or woman that He would use.

Well, the answer is one – He uses people. He can use anyone and He can use you, too. Come to Him just as you are willingly. You? Yes, you! Because He takes you you and makes you into the person He uses. And qualifies you into the person who qualifies to be used by Him. That’s His expertise. Just come to God as you are. Look up John 3:16 for how you can do that.

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