I love a line in the lyrics of a song which says: To know You (God), is to catch my brother when He is.

But let me add that, a lot of the time when we hear this we may think that it is saying we should be helpful to our fellowman/woman when they’re struggling in life or when life gets tough for them only. That’s fine.

But I think that is not all there is to it. I believe there is another important angle to it which we most times may lose sight of. And it is calling a fellow to order in love when they are going wayward. (mind you, love can be stern sometimes).

Like in the case or story of king David and the prophet Nathan in 2 Samuel chapter 12. I believe Nathan’s attitude in that situation can be described as “catching a brother when he is falling” too. Someone may argue, “but God sent him? And so he had no choice!” Yes, God did. But he had to choose to obey to be the messenger of a “bitter truth” news.

So, this kind of catching a brother when he is falling or failing can be tough sometimes depending on the situation, and so we may shy away from it or try to play safe. Because for example, knowing the kind of king Saul was, I daresay maybe, just maybe, he would have had Nathan thrown into jail or killed if he was in David’s situation.

But, really, as Christians when we love, we earn the right to speak the truth, and when we speak the truth we show the world that we truly love. So for example, if one of us sees or knows that I, Sela, am misbehaving in any way or messing about – maybe treating others rudely or falsifying some documents or indulging in sin or the like – Papa Willie or Bro. Martin or David or Elom or Emma or Portia or Bless or anyone of us should be able to look me in the face and tell me the hard truth and bring me back on track if we really mean serious business with this thing called Oneness!

It’s high time we started loving with the truth! God bless you!

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