Census 2021: Listing of structures commence

The listing of structures and landed properties for the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) started yesterday.

This action will pave the way for the enumeration, which begins on June 27, at midnight.

According to Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), the first seven days of the field data collection for the census had been devoted to the listing of structures, which involves enumerators locating every structure in an enumeration area and assigning unique serial numbers to the structures and collecting some basic information on the structures and their occupants, if there are any.

During the listing, the external wall of every structure that will be listed will have a serial number, preceded by 2021 PHC inscribed on it.

According to the GSS, each enumeration area has been assigned one primary enumerator, who is responsible for listing all structures and enumerating all households in his or her enumeration area.

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