COVID-19: Two new variants recorded in Ghana

Ghana has recorded two new variants of Covid-19.

The West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) found the new variants through a sequencing it did.

This new variants were detected from Nigeria and Morocco, according to the WACCBIP.

However, Dr Yaw Bediako, an Immunologist and head of advancement at WACCBIP said the AstraZeneca vaccine currently used in the country is atrong enough to deal with the new variants.

The centre has done 400 sequences without government funding and Dr. Bediako is of the view that government must begin to fund more sequencing of the deadly virus.

“Yes, so we have found two new variants of the disease. Actually, there was one variant that was originally identified in Nigeria that we had seen in Ghana before but now found more of them with the latest batch of sequencing that we did. We had a number of samples from the Northern Region, and we also found evidence of another variant which was originally identified in Morocco.”

He also admonished the government to speed up with the ongoing vaccination exercise because there may be some variants that could cause the vaccines to be obsolete.

“With this pandemic, we are also going to be concerned with variants that’s why we are always preaching that we need to vaccinate quickly and comprehensively as possible because we are always going to be worried that there is going to be a variant that is going to your vaccine obsolete. I don’t think closing the borders right now is not necessarily an option and may not even achieve its aims. So what we really need is increased surveillance which is a matter of resources because so far all the sequencing we have were founded by externally generated grants.”

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