Development & Leadership, the Pari Passu Concepts

The development of a nation should sit atop the agenda of people. It is an important word. In fact, it’s not a mere word but a concept. A concept that requires a considerable aggregate of focus to handle it earnestly. Maybe how often we use it in our daily exchanges has limited our brainwave.

Leadership, another weighty concept has been misconstrued and erroneously applied for centuries. Some think it’s just about management or control. Others think positioning oneself behind the hoi polloi and pointing at an imagined pleasant dwelling is leadership. Far from that. I don’t have a self-standardized definition for either concepts. Definitions of concepts over the years have only limited our grasp of realism. Do not think for a sec that definitions are bad, however, do not allow yourself to be narrowed in thinking outside the box.

This piece however, would be without form if I fail to express what I think of leadership. But first, development. My understanding of development is simple at prima facie, “no long things”. I believe development means a new and better level of a cycle. Too simple huh? Yea I know. Well before you conclude, I would advise you not to allow yourself to be constricted by the simplicity of my cogitation. Permit me to elaborate a bit. There should be a positive change in advancement when there is a movement from one place to the other. An old situation in which a people were at some point should be different and better at another point. Certain factors that stalled them from achieving a particular feat shouldn’t be persistent. It either has to be non-existent or reduced to a level where it no more determines bad. This I believe is development.

I spoke of what leadership is not in the second paragraph, again permit me not to strictly define but express my understanding of this concept which is central in nature. Leadership is a conscious effort to dialogue (exchange ideas) with people and agree on a proper agenda to inclusively drive their destiny to the next level. It sounds like the result of leadership right? True, the result of good leadership makes leadership what it is or should be. There should be an action to produce results. It also does not hung on the brains of one man but all.

Now study the two concepts carefully, you would find a very strong link between them. A connective element, i.e., new or better level or progress or advancement, and the likes. These essentials make the two concepts inseparable. With the explanation I gave for leadership, you would notice that development can be achieved with such a step. I mean the end product of apt leadership is development. Also, development breeds leadership. For instance, if you spend time practicing your talent, you are in effect developing yourself to become a leader in a certain field. They (development and leadership) go hand in hand.

As a young African, I think lack of leadership (or improper leadership styles) has pushed us into the angle of suffocation. We are not inspired enough to rise and become leaders but mere followers. The development of the life of the “commoner” into an appreciable level is misplaced. We vote for a few to lead but they fail to bring us development. It’s about time we made efforts to change (develop) our own lives than believe that someone we chose would bring down Heaven. Besides political leadership is only an aspect of the concepts for discussion. Leadership is inherent and this suggests that everyone is a leader. So if we all are leaders, then, we can make the development that we so desire for ourselves and nation an actuality. Let’s do it!

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