Don’t merely believe in peace, work to achieve it – Pastor charges Christians in Dagbon

Reverend Dr. Abukari Sayibu Yakubu has called on Christians and all peoples in Dagbon to intentionally work towards peace in the area during the general elections, and not just preach about it.

“We who are called Christians in Dagbon are not merely to believe in peace but to work to achieve it for everyone without discrimination.”

At the 2nd edition of the Northern Gospel Musicians Union’s Peace Concert held at the forecourt of the Dakpema Palace (chief of Tamale over the weekend. The clergyman made the call when he delivered a sermon of peace based on Matthew 5:9 from The Beatitudes.

Mbie Ziblim

According to the head pastor of Good News Bible Church – Tahimayili Branch, “Peace touches every aspect of our lives; our sleeping, work, business, our going out and our coming in.” He therefore entreated all and sundry to promote peace “among our people” as the country gradually approach Election Day.

In his sermon, the man of God reminded the audience that violence and bullets don’t have political coloration, hence the need for Christians in Dagbon to spread the message of peace.


“Let us preach peace and not war, for bullet does not know NPP or NDC colours.”
“Different political parties don’t mean it should bring division and fight among brothers and sisters, but it should rather offer us the opportunity to choose and exercise our diversities.

We want Dagbon to have a rest the essence of peace during and after the election.” He said.

Reverend Yakubu also noted that “Peace is an essential commodity for development… it is a mutual respect and harmony expressed in compromises and agreements.

Andy Gospelz

“Peace is when people agree to live, love and work together, it may not be perfect but everyone is given the opportunity to live and aspire to their greatness.”

Drawing an analogy from man’s best friend, he asked the people of Dagbon to learn from the dog who says “if the world will not clean itself from dirt, the dog will clean where it sleeps and that is why the dog’s sleeping place is always clean.”

The well attended gospel peace concert saw some of the finest Christian Singers in the North like Mbie Ziblim, Zacheous Ziblim, Jemda, Andy Gospelz among others minister leading the crowd in some powerful praise and worship sessions to further drive the message of peace home.

Zacheous Ziblim

Come December 7, 2020, a total number of 17,029,981 registered Ghanaian voters with the right to exercise their civic duty. They will be expected to head to the polls to elect a new president and parliamentarians who will govern the country for the coming next four years.

More often than not, election years in Ghana are characterized by high politico-ethnic tensions and pockets of election-related violence.

The maiden edition of the Northern Gospel Musicians Union’s Peace Concert was held four years ago in 2016.

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