Elections to close at 3pm instead of 5pm – IPAC agrees among others at Assessment Workshop on Election 2020

The Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC), has after a 2-day evaluation workshop on the 2020 general elections, have decided on 16 new resolutions geared at improving future elections.

Representatives from the various political parties, about 26 of them, but the representatives of the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

At the end of the interactive workshop for members of the IPAC to assess the processes leading to the 2020 General Elections and the Election, the Political Parties and the Eelextoral Comission agreed on the following:

Duration of Polls

  1. Closing the polls at 3:00pm rather than 5:00pm.


1. Implement the Continuous Voter Registration Exercise to enable citizens who turned 18 years and those who had not previously registered to do so.

2. Set up a committee to deliberate on the implementation modalities for the Continuous Voter Registration.

3. Continuous Voter Registration should be implemented with proof of citizenship being limited to the use of Ghana Card and Ghana Passport since the guarantee system is often abused.


1. Introduce an all-year-round Voter Exhibition Exercise through the use of technology (SMS short code). Additionally, maintain the periodic mass verification at Exhibition Centres.

2. Put in place a cut-off time for the Continuous Voter Register Exhibition to allow for the compilation of the Register for voting on Election Day.

Filing of Nominations

1. The Five (5) day period for filing of Nominations introduced in 2020 should be maintained.

2. The period set aside to enable the Political Parties to obtain signatures from their supporters should be increased.

3. The period for the Election Campaign should be defined. It should commence after the nominations are filed.

4. Encourage nominations of female and persons with disabilities (PWDs) candidates by reducing their filing fees by 50%.

Special Voting

1. Current arrangement whereby the Media, Security Services and Election Officials are allowed to apply and vote under the Special Voting period should be maintained until such time that the process is fully entrenched.
Elections 1. The polls should end at 3:00 pm instead of at 5:00 pm.

2. Certified Regional Collated Results should be announced by the Chairperson to reduce tension and suspicion. However, the Commission should state clearly the percentage of results yet to be released, etc.
Security 1. Security around elections is the responsibility of the Ghana Police Service. 2. Ghana Police Service should arrange a periodic platform to engage IPAC and other Stakeholders,

  1. Ghana Police Service should provide updates on the 2020 Elections malpractices and violence.

4. Political Parties and the Media must show commitment to the democratic process and be mindful of their comments, as some of their statements have the tendency to provoke violence and inflame tensions and suspicions.

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