3. How do you develop good friendship?

Constant communication: communication is the hallmark of every solid friendship. For instance, a young lady of about 25 years old has about four different young men around her battling for her friendship. Amongst these four guys, two constantly check up on her everyday via phone calls, chats, etc and the other two get in touch just once in every two weeks. Every sane being will be drawn to the first two guys who are regularly in touch. If even after sometime the guys do not get in touch, this lady will begin to naturally reciprocate the constant check ups and that shows how powerful communication can be.

Staying loyal: a true friend should be able to keep confidential issues. It’s not an easy thing for someone to share a deep secret with you and later go and hear someone talking about it or pointing accusing fingers at him/her. It kills trust; anyone who does that becomes disloyal to you and building a solid future with a person like that becomes questionable. Let’s get practical here, a male and female who belong to the same church congregation have been friends for sometime now. The lady opens up to the gentleman and tells him she was once a prostitute. After some few weeks, some other members of the congregation come asking her about the secret she shared with her male friend. How would you describe such a friend? Obviously, this lady in question would be devastated because of this disloyal act.

Showing concern: this is one act that is lacked in most friendships. Showing some level of concern in a friend’s life doesn’t have to necessarily be you giving out cash all the time. It involves giving out your time and a listening ear as well. Some of these petty petty gestures are all signs and signals that one must pay attention to before entering into a LOVE relationship.

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