After one has gone through all the aforementioned qualities which include; a friend showing concern, a friend staying loyal, a friend who is constantly in touch, then you are now ready to begin your zeroing process. There will certainly be about two or three friends around you who have exhibited all these qualities but before you can move to a love relationship with any of them the feeling of “butterflies” must first be mutual.

What is love?
In the 21st century the word love 💘 has been misused and misinterpreted so much. My personal definition of love is this: it’s a DEEP feeling of absolute trust, respect, submission, sacrifice and intimate feeling towards the opposite sex. One pertinent characteristics of love is that it involves so much sacrifice and selflessness. You always desire to see your partner happy so you will love to go the extra mile for that person. This is a very good thing but it must be done with some level headedness and maturity.

What is a love relationship?
It is a mutual agreement between two matured individuals who have decided to respect, submit, trust and sacrifice for each other. These two people develop a close tie that becomes difficult to break by anyone. A love relationship is just an extended version of friendship but a closer bond this time round. A love relationship is a very very sweet and wonderful feeling from the onset – the exciting moments where you feel all lovey-dovey and your heart skips a beat anytime you see your partner😄…

To be continued next week Friday…

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