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What makes a love relationship unique?
Any two individuals in a relationship are different and both unique in their own ways. They act and do things differently, they see, process and interpret things differently hence behave differently. For instance, in a love relationship where the lady always wants the attention of the guy, she’ll want to be talking to him after every three hours and also seeing him at least every other day. The guy, on the other hand, doesn’t like this and feels he will be giving her too much attention. This can become a bone of contention between the two lovebirds. However, if they both truly love each other and see a future together in the relationship, they must and will find a way around it. They’ll find a resolution to that challenge. Imagine if it were the other way round where none of them is seeking for the attention of the other, what will happen? How will the relationship progress? How will they get to know one another very well? This alone makes their relationship stand out. I want to reiterate this “No two relationships are the same, so STOP comparing happenings in your relationship to that of others.”

Another thing that makes a relationship unique is the CHARACTER of the two parties involved. Simply put, character is the genetic make up of a person: it could be a habit, a moral etiquette, a thought pattern, your integrity, etc. All these things add up to one’s character. Imagine two lovers who have the same character trait of talking harshly; they will always be clashing because there will be no respect in such a relationship.

Another unique feature of a love relationship is the timeline you set for yourselves. Perhaps you two have planned to settle down i.e. get married within the next three (3) years because you two want to build your own house, buy your own car, save some more money, etc before you settle down. That’s very laudable. There could be another set of people in your shoes but they have agreed to settle down within the next two years per their plans. You don’t compare your relationships. There is uniqueness in difference.

Without a doubt it is very clear that if one is able to build a very strong friendship foundation, it will lead to a solid love relationship then to marriage if agreed. All these things do not happen automatically, they call for WORK just as the good book (Bible) says, we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Friendship before a love relationship is a necessity so don’t just jump into relationships. Build friendship first, get to know each other first and then you can decide to move the friendship to a love relationship or not. Be prudent about your love life, because, whether or not you get it right it, it affects every other area of your life and even extends to the people in your. Your love life is a big deal. Take it seriously.

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