Ghana yet to record any serious adverse effects of ongoing vaccination – Dr. Nsiah Asare

Ghana’s presidential advisor on health, Dr. Nsiah Asare has said that the county has not recorded any serious adverse effects of ongoing Covid-19 vaccination nationwide.

His comment comes on the back of recent developments with the AstraZeneca vaccine which Ghana has employed in its vaccination exercise.

Thailand and Denmark are two of many countries which have suspended the use of vaccine after reports of blood clot.

But the presidential health advisor said Ghana is observing the situation and described the suspension by the other countries as “a bit of a rush.”

“Whatever other countries are doing is a bit of a rush, because we in Ghana we are doing the same thing. We are giving the vaccines out, we are following up and doing the adverse track reaction.

“We have an App…a network that you can go on and report. So far, anybody who is having any of the complications or reactions to the vaccine has been reporting; we have not seen any very serious adverse effect of the vaccination that we are doing. So we are following up, we are also looking at what other countries are doing.”

Dr. Asare said that a couple of persons had reported to him personally with complaints of common and temporary effects like fever, headache, bodily pains and sleeplessness.

These persons and persons experiencing any effects from the vaccination are supposed to report on the App for the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) to do a follow-up on them.

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