In a week of judicial judgements in Ghana, the football circle has not been an exception.

The Match Review Panel of the Ghana Football Association has banned one of its referees for unprofessional behaviour.

Referee Abdul-Latif Qadir has been suspended for the rest of the Premier League season for poorly handling a match incident in the ongoing league.

According the GFA, the Panel received a complaint from Dansoman based Liberty Professionals about the conduct of Referee Qatari during their Premier League Match day 15 game against Karela United.

According to Liberty, referee Qadir awarded a penalty in the 85th minute of the match in favour of Liberty Professionals. However after series of consultations with his colleague officiating officials he changed his earlier decision from penalty to a NO FOUL.

The Panel found that during the consultations, the entire players of Liberty Professionals including the goalkeeper who is the captain, were in the penalty area of Karela FC to find out the final decision of the referee.

Even though all the players of Liberty Profs. were in the penalty area of Karela FC, the referee dropped the ball to the goalkeeper of Karela in his penalty area and the goalkeeper immediately passed the ball to his teammate which resulted in a goal which was planted in an empty net without contestation from players of Liberty Professionals, the GFA explained.

After watching the video, the Match Review panel found that the goalkeeper of Karela made contact with the ball and not the attacker as such there was NO FOUL to warrant a penalty. The referee after taking the penalty, later changed it to a drop ball.

The Panel also observed that the Match Officials for the game on that day did not handle the 85th minute incident professionally and per the dictates of the Laws of the Game their decision and indecisions ended the match abruptly.

However, Qadir’s Assistant Referee 2, Richard Appiah, was commended by the Panel for his timely intervention of a NO FOUL decision which abated a possible disaster.

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