GPRTU urge drivers not to increase fares until negotiations are finalized

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), has urged its members not to increase fares until it finalizes negotiations with government in a meeting on Tuesday, November 9 2021.

The Union says, the upcoming meeting with government on Tuesday will determine if transport fares will be increased or not. However, earlier talks with government to scrap some taxes and levies placed on petroleum products have not been fruitful.

According to the General Secretary of GPRTU, Godfred Abulbira Adogma, who spoke to Accra-based Citi TV, he said “as it stands, we are going to meet government this Tuesday, to discuss the way forward on the increment of fuel prices. So, we are cautioning our members to hold on unless the discussion on Tuesday is concluded before we can know the actual line of action, whether there will be fare increment or levies will be reduced”.

He further added that, their primary focus is not on the increment of fares which will eventually put pressure on passengers, but rather they want government to scrap off some taxes and levies placed on petroleum products.

“This time round we don’t want to be in a hurry to go and calculate and go straight to increase the fares just to pass on the burden of the fuel increment unto the consumer. Practically, we are focusing on whether or not some of the levies on petroleum products can be scrapped off, so that is what we intend to achieve coming Tuesday.

Following the removal of the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levies (PRSL) on petrol, diesel, and LPG for two months now, many want to see it reflect in transport fares.

Over the past few months, fuel prices have see upward and downward adjustments, with the recent being an increment of 2.59%, a phenomenon that as heavily been criticized by industry players.

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