How to vote right on Dec 7, according to EC

On Monday, December 7, 2020, Ghana will decide. As one of the 17,029,981 registered voters with the right to exercise their civic duty, if you head to the polls, here are a few things the electoral commission wants you to know in order to cast your ballots correctly and peacefully.

Marking a ballot paper is one of the key aspects of voting. Registered Voters are urged to be mindful of how to correctly vote and handle a ballot paper on Election Day to ensure that every vote counts!

The voting process in 9 easy steps:

Approach the first table (Name Reference List Officer) for your name to be located in the Voters Register.

Next, go to the Verification Officer for you to be validated by the Biometric Verification Device.

Move to the Ballot Issuer for the Presidential Ballot paper. Make sure it has a validating stamp as well as serial number.

Go to the booth to mark the presidential candidate of your choice. Remember to fold it vertically then horizontally.

Proceed to the ballot box to cast your vote.

Go to the Ballot Issuer for the Parliamentary Elections for the Parliamentary Ballot paper. Make sure it has a validating stamp as well as serial number

Again proceed to the polling booth to cast your vote.

Leave the polling station quietly.

Voting during this coronavirus pandemic gives a reason for concerns over your safety. Thankfully, the EC has put in place safety measures to follow to help ensure a safe voting process for the 2020 elections during the COVID-19 crisis.

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