I vividly remember back in my teen days in the Secondary School, Form One to be precised; when we were all freshers and ninos with the desire to impress one another – male or female. I was in the General Arts 2 class and there was this young and handsome guy in General Arts 1 class called Cornelius. The very first time we met, we literally bumped into each other and he was the first to say sorry. I raised my head to give him a piercing look of displeasure but deep within me I told myself this is it: “I’m in love”😊. Very funny, huh?

Unknown to me then, this handsome dude had been stalking me and was hoping and looking for an avenue to just interact with me thus intentionally bumping into me. We became friends and I got to know him more and all the butterflies feelings within me just disappeared into thin air😄.

Now let’s look at some things that could lure you into love at first sight:

i) Body Stature
As a young lady, you have always been dreaming of your future husband to be someone who is tall with well built muscles (six packs). Owing to this fantasy, your seeing such a figure around could make you easily think you are in love, and conclude “he is the for me.” Same way, a young guy who dreams of marrying a lady with beautiful body curves will most likely you judge hastily if he runs into a lady like with those specs, so to speak. This false conclusion is easily drawn in the mind.

ii) A Pretty or Handsome face
It will interest you to know that some people are easily attracted to just the facial looks of a person. How he/she looks when they smile or laugh. Is the face attractive enough? That’s all that matters to them.

iii) Body Scent
Some people are also easily attracted to someone because of a peculiar body smell they like. It sounds fascinating but it’s real.
All these things mentioned above plus others could easily make you fall in or become a victim of love at first sight thereby making you forget the nitty-gritty of LOVE.

Someone could possess all these things but that does not mean that you can sustain a love relationship with such the person. A love relationship goes way beyond physical features.

How can you say you are in love with someone you have just set your eyes on for the first time and barely know anything about? What would have informed the love in the first place? What would be the basis?

Love at first sight is a real cliché.

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