It is said that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. Good or bad, the end results of every task is ascribed to the person who led it. That is why it is not shocking at all that the current situation – poverty and hardship (both economically and socially) in most part of Africa is constantly blamed on poor leadership from both our colonial masters and from our very own who took over.

Some of our leaders may have pillaged our land and left it with no dignity, yet we must not concede to their exploitations, else we become victims of their enrichment. Duty calls on us to restore and preserve the dignity of our cherished land, for such an act is ennobling.

There is some good news though, at least to uplift our spirits that few of our leaders left great marks behind to add on. Our land has great prospects. Only if we all can catch the African Dream like an incurable virus, the land would be mended into its fullness. You may ask “what is the African dream?

I believe the African Dream is simply seeing ourselves prosper in unity after a conscious effort by all to restore pride and dignity. Hope is all we need to believe in the dream of restoring dignity to ourselves and driving the continent to its rightful place in history because our current position is only but a challenge. Unity is all we need to start a vital walk in our common destiny; the walk to restoration or better still, the walk of restoration. Service is all we have got to offer our mother – Africa, in order to achieve our common aspiration which in its true nature is not just ordinary (common) but the extra.

With our faith firmly attached to the unfailing will of God the Almighty, we will be guided to become Masters of Our Own Fate. With a good direction on a path chosen by us and not for us, we cannot be ensnared into pulling any strings which we are not the architects of.

Afterwards, we can identify our own mistakes and provide remedies to them. At the stage of reflection we can say with indisputable pride and a great sense of fulfillment that “we have arrived”. We have arrived at a perfect destination. A destination those who lit the torch envisioned before passing it on for the rest of the walk.

Africa, we can be masters of our (own) fate; the choice is ours!

May God who rightfully positioned us for greater works in Africa be the great torch in our hands, for He is all we have got to believe in to be MASTERS OF OUR FATE.

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