Monday Motivation: DON’T WAIT, CREATE IT!



Listen folks, most individuals who made great mark with their lives, did not wait to be showered with an opportunity, they created it themselves.

It is better to start with the little you have and make it become colossal than sit idle and hope purely to be gifted something big to relish. It may perhaps be too late.

You should not wait to be given an opportunity, rather, take the initiative of creating the enabling atmosphere for other prospects. Along the line people will be attracted to your inventiveness. Some will offer to help you go further to reach a momentous degree.

Thank God we all have talents.

In football circles, names like Pele, Ronaldo, Abedi Pele, Weah, Zidane, and others continually ring a bell when heard. Personally, greatness is what comes to mind.

These men dazzled the world with tremendous skills and today football pundits and enthusiasts describe them as being among the “greatest footballers of all time”. Nevertheless, have you ever asked how they started? From scratch!

They began on the streets. They discovered they could play football and then joined friends to play on the streets. Maybe their initial intention was to play for fun but football scouts spotted them, caught awestruck by the skills displayed and then decided to help them go professional with their talents. Well, the rest they say is history.

Creating an opportunity you aspire to benefit from all starts with talent (well mostly). If you’ve got the skill to play the beautiful game, display it!

Football scouts do not go from door to door in search of talents. They conduct their search on the football pitches on the streets, which is your spot – where you aught to be, to be identified and not your bedroom; there, it is hidden.

You have the voice to sing and whenever you do, even birds gather to learn from you! It is about time you moved out of your shells and be in your spot.

Joining your church choir or forming a singing group or auditioning for a music contest to display your gift passionately is very advisable. YouTube and other social media platforms are available for uploading and sharing your songs with the rest of the world, before you realize your phone would be buzzing.

It will be easier to be noticed by a voice coach or music producer who can groom you and help you start a music career.

You may be very innovative in business, leadership and governance, do not hoard your ideas in your head. Pen them on paper, better still type them on your computer or laptop.

Share them with few trustworthy persons for their perusal and invite feedbacks. One day you will become a renowned bestselling author and motivational speaker whose concepts would solve problems confronting the world.

Make the principal move with your talents and there will be supplementary.

With many, discovering their talent is problematic. It’s rather simple.

Identify what you are passionate about; what is your burning desire? (What you want so dearly) and above all what you are constantly occupied with (Thus; what you are best at doing which you always do naturally).

I believe when this is checked, you can easily determine your talent.

Talent is that special natural element that you own, it is exceedingly imperative to create an opportunity with it.

God being so wise, has prior to our birth, deposited it in us making it an already made opportunity within us. Creation is best done with what is within than what is been offered to man. OPPORTUNITY! DON’T WAIT! CREATE IT!