Monday Motivation: THINK POSITIVE!


When a negative thought comes to your mind, immediately replace it with one that is positive. Positive always dominates the negative and your mind has to be conditioned to think only the best thoughts.

Negative thinking is a conditioned process whereby the negative patterns are established over and over. Rid yourself of any limitations and become a powerful positive thinker.

Positive thinking helps boost your self confidence, it gives you the courage to believe in the abilities God has given you. When you are positive about situations you stand out among your peers because all things become possible for you.

Positive thinking brings you success where many  negative thinkers have failed. The effect of negative thinking is that it drives you backward and makes you stagnant in life and  also depresses you.

But positive habits cultivated from positive thinking empower you to overcome obstacles in life and attain the unattainable. It takes you far in life than you can imagine. Stay positive always!

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