Don’t ever be discouraged by your mis-takes; they are a part life.

Hear me, it takes only the living to make ‘mis-take,’ the dead cannot. The fact that you’ve ‘mis-taken’ is a proof that you are alive.

Listen! When ever you’ve ‘mis-taken’ in any area of your life, the best thing is to get to God and speak to Him about it. He is sure to give you grace to overcome it.

Never allow Satan to package guilt into your spirit, that will result in you condemning yourself and running away from God. Your mistakes are pointers that point your weaknesses to you as a human and are meant to draw you closer to God, to ask for grace to work on your weaknesses.

Remember, you are not a super human. God is expecting us to run to Him whenever we are in a mess. Take for example when Adam and Eve were running from God as a result of their ‘mis-take,’ God was looking for them and when He found them, He corrected their ‘mis-takes.’

It is best to encourage yourself in the Lord and afterwards speak to Him over your mistakes than allow the devil to condemn you and interrupt the relationship between you and God. Remember, in Christ we live, move and have our being.