Motorbike riders will be arrested after 6:30pm – U/W Police Commander

The Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peter Ndekugri, has cautioned that all young men sitting on the same motorbike after 6: 30 pm will be arrested.

DCOP Peter Ndekugri indicated that the move is to clamp down on robbery cases which are on the ascension in the country especially in the Upper West Region.

Addressing a press conference in the Upper West Region after his appointment, DCOP Ndekugri reiterated his resolve to ensure that peace returns to the region at all cost.

He further said he will not relent in his desire for peace in the region adding he is not afraid to make enemies if that will guarantee him the needed results.

“No two young men should be on a motorbike after 6: 30 pm, I repeat, no two young men should be on a motorbike after 6: 30 pm. Whether you like it or not. Security is very expensive, in Bawku for instance, for two years, men were not riding on motorbikes ad yet we were able to maintain the peace.

“So please we should not take peace as a joke, it is one of the most essential commodities as far as this world is concerned…and I am ready to do that.”

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