It’s a new year – 2021. Hoo-ray!
Thank God we made it through 2020 and survived its challenges. It’s a new dawn and another opportunity for a fresh start.

However, the truth is there’s really nothing magical about the flip of the calendar. You are basically the same person on 1st January as you were on 31st December. Therefore, nothing is going to change for you unless YOU decide to and indeed change; and nothing will get better for you unless YOU get better.

Time is a great opportunity and an invaluable resource to HELP YOU MAKE things happen. But time itself doesn’t and won’t make anything happen for you. So, like the catchphrase in the famous 90’s children’s TV series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, “The power is yours!”

One word—intentionality/deliberateness/ purposefulness—typify people who are making progress. If you want to grow in the New Year, live intentionally by doing specific things at least day by day and/or week by week. Repeatedly! Pray also and look out for God-given opportunities, and don’t miss open doors (Col. 4:2-4).

All too often, we make resolutions that never make it past the first few weeks of the New Year. We abandon them prematurely as the year wears on.

But with every New Year is an opportunity for a personal growth for you. Rather than talk about New Year’s “resolutions” this year, why not adopt the following goals in order to grow and improve in many areas of your life in 2021, one day at a time?

We’re only a couple of days into the New Year – and it’s not too late to plan your life. Consider these areas of potential goals, and determine at least three that you’ll seek to fulfill in 2021. Hold yourself accountable or find yourself an accountability partner to help you faithfully follow through on your new commitments and watch your life change and get better in 2021.

  1. Spiritual Growth. Matt. 22:37-38 Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38This is the greatest and the most important commandment. This coming from Jesus himself means it should be extremely important to us too. This new year, establish a plan to spend time with God EACH DAY and to mature spiritually. Do whatever it takes to walk more closely with God in constant fellowship with Him.
  2. Relationships. We are known by the company we keep. We become like the people we keep around us long enough. (Prov 13:20). This year, if you are going to grow and evolve in every area of your life, you need to surround yourself with the right people. Remember, you can’t go to a Khebab or an Abochie joint and not pick up the scent. You don’t have to eat the meat; just the mere fact that you are there, you will pick up the scent of the atmosphere. In the same way, you need people or friends that when you hang around them, the scent you pick up is a fragrance and not an odour. It is dangerous to be surrounded by people who like you but don’t grow you. In 2021, be intentional about who you associate with.
  3. Fiscal Fitness. By this I’m taking MONEY – Finances. A friend wrote out this as his new year’s resolutions: 1) Make money. 2) Make more money. 3) Make plenty money. Then after he added a footnote: “…because 70% of your resolutions depend on it.” How true! This year resolve to make, save and invest money. Eliminate wastage. Cut down on your expenditure if necessary and spend wisely. If you do, you‘ll be able to do so much and you’ll have more to give.
  4. Career. Whatever your profession is, you likely want to improve in some area. Challenge yourself to improve in what you do for a living.
  5. Education. Indeed, education has no end. Learning is a continuous process. No matter how high up the education ladder you may have gone, even if you have earned a terminal degree in your discipline, there’s always more to know. Set some reading goals. Take another class. Learn something new. Know something extra. You’ll soon be glad you did. Increase in learning!
  6. Physical Fitness. Be healthy. Take care of yourself physically. Simply walking more each day is a good start. God has given us only one physical body through which we can do what He calls us to do. And He expects us to take very good care of it. Taking care of your body is not only wise, but it’s also necessary for your continuous existence here on this earth. If you are careless with your body, you will soon be out of this place. What a shock! You cannot do or achieve much this year if you are out of shape.
  7. Mentor and be mentored. Everybody needs somebody who’s gone ahead of them in some way. Because you don’t know it all and you can’t do it all. We all need wise counsel through life. Get experienced mentors in your life. Godly mentorship and wise counseling give you a head start. Pursue it!
    On the flipside, you also make a commitment to pour yourself into other younger people this year. You sure have something to give. Take the dare!
    Happy New Year! Make 2021 a great and fulfilling year for YOU! Receive the Grace to do it.

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