OPINION: Hotcake Thomas Partey, to move or to stay?


There comes a time in everyone’s life when we need and have to make certain bold steps and take certain bold decisions and afterwards, live or deal with the consequences whether pleasant or unpleasant.

It appears that that is the place Ghanaian international, Thomas Teye Partey, currently finds himself. To move or to stay?The Atletico Madrid star is at a crossroad in his career and he needs to make a decision on his future.

As usual, several voices have been offering diverging opinions, suggestions, and advice here, there and everywhere. But the fact remains that THE BUCK STOPS WITH the 26 year old.

Partey has been heavily linked with Premier League giants Arsenal in recent weeks after reportedly refusing to extend his contract with Diego Simeone’s side.Of course, so many people especially in Ghana are in support of a move.

The latest to add his voice is Ex Black Stars goalie Richard “Olele” Kingson. Kingson believes that the 2019 Ghana Football Player of the year has paid his dues fully in the Spanish La Liga and a Premier League move should be the next step on his mind.

Well, here’s what Sports Pundit with Africa Articles, Derrick Morkeh, also thinks about the whole situation.

According to him, “It’s no secret that the Ghanaian has emerged as arguably the best box-to-box midfielder throughout Europe. Performances like the one against Liverpool in the Champions League knockout stages and those against Madrid and Barcelona in the La Liga means his stock has risen significantly.

It’s little wonder that Partey is increasingly linked with a move away from Atletico Madrid. Man United, Arsenal and even Liverpool are touted as clubs that are looking to secure his signature.“Last I checked, it looks like Arsenal are ahead of the pack with Mikel Arteta seeking to bolster his sometimes mediocre midfield.

Now one must ask if Arsenal is any improvement on the Madrid club. Plain and simple, that’s a big NO! Partey might earn more money moving to the EPL but if he’s gonna swap a team that’s mostly in the top 3 of the Spanish La Liga for one that’s been absent from the Champions League over the years, then that’s a questionable decision.

“Most Ghanaian journalists and former players are biased towards the EPL due to its overwhelming popularity on these shores hence it’s not out of place that more and more people are clamoring for a move to the EPL, but if the team he’s ending up at is Arsenal, I’d rather he stays put at Atletico, leverage his growing popularity and sign a lucrative deal with a singular mission of trying to win the La Liga again in Simeone’s tenure.

“My stance might change if the team he might be signing for is one showing real progress towards closing the gap on their rivals, i.e. Man United or one that’s currently a powerhouse in the league, i.e. Liverpool or Man City. I think even the most eyed Gunner would agree that moving from Atlético to Arsenal is a downgrade.” He elaborated.

“Partey is one of the best in the world right now, he should be competing for titles. Unfortunately, for years now Arsenal hasn’t been a club that guarantees that.” Mr. Morkeh added. You can also have your say, and don’t hesitate to visit this space again for more insightful, well-informed, well-thought through and well-researched opinions

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