“When it is not raining, the clouds are gathering. In the same way, when you are not performing yet, you should be preparing yourself. Always live in readiness.”
– Selasi Amegashie

The interesting yet profound story is told about two farmers who desperately needed rain. Both of them prayed for rain. However, only one of them went out to prepare his fields to receive it. Which farmer do you think trusted God to send the rain? Obviously the one who went out to prepare his fields.

Unfortunately though, like the farmer who failed to go out and prepare his fields and make them ready to receive the rain he had prayed for, how so often we are also caught in this web or trap of unpreparedness. Just like the unprepared farmer, that is sadly how things often are with most of us – unprepared but highly expectant. We pray, we trust God and we raise our hopes and expectations, but the missing link in all of this is that we fail to put in the corresponding preparation for them. We fail to make ourselves ready to receive.

James 2:26 lets us know that faith without work won’t work. In other words, faith does not operate independent of work. The point is, when we don’t follow our prayers with acts of faith, when we do not step out and work in line towards our expectations, we most likely will miss out on our blessings and opportunities. Our prayers, faith and expectations must have corresponding action plan. That is what God won’t do for us. He puts the responsibility of preparation right back on us and takes care of the supernatural – the rain.

Friends, God will send the “rain” when He is ready; we need to prepare our fields to receive it.

If you want to be a great singer, wonderful! But you have to take your music lessons and practice sessions seriously. If you desire to become a successful preacher after God has called you, regular Bible study and prayer among others must become a lifestyle – your preoccupation and daily routine. If you want to pass your exams, you need to study hard. In fact, if you have a dream to excel in any field of human endeavour, you have to go get skills training in the respective field. That is what it means to prepare for rain or live in readiness.

You can never predict when God will “rain” down the opportunity of your lifetime. And how regrettable and disappointing it will be when you are totally unprepared at the moment your opportunity presents itself.
Dear friends, the things you’ve been believing and praying for can easily materialise at a time when you are completely unprepared or unaware.

Many times, we pray, we believe, we trust God and we expect things, however, we fail – knowingly or unknowingly – to prepare for the very things we believe for as though we never really believed we will receive them. Our expectations must always be matched by preparation.

The future has always belonged to those who prepared for it because opportunities don’t come when you are ready. Just as rains don’t fall when we are ready for them but rather when they are ready to fall, opportunities come when they are ready!

History has shown that many of the world’s great achievers were people who lived in readiness for their moments in history. Unknown to the world, every time they were expectant, they were planning. Everyday, they were rehearsing; they were refining themselves; they were making sacrifices; everyday they were paying the price – they went out to prepare their fields to make them ready to receive the “rain” they had been expecting. PREPARE FOR YOUR RAIN.

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