St Johns Grammar students use dining hall tables in classroom – Headmaster reveals

The headmaster of St. Johns Grammar Senior High School, Dr Edmund Fianu has revealed that students use dining hall tables and chairs in their various classrooms due to lack of furniture.

The headmaster revealed the St Johns Grammar is overpopulated and lacks enough learning desks for students to use in their various classrooms.

Dr Fianu lamented that all the tables and chairs given by government were substandard and have broken down. He added that over 5,000 dual desks have broken down beyond repairs.

Another challenge confronting the School according to the headmaster is insufficient dormitory beds. As a result, some students sleep on bare floor.

He further stressed that water crisis is another issue confronting his school confronted with. Students complain they sometimes don’t have enough water to even bath.

He appealed to the government to come to their aid and also complete all abandoned projects the previous government started indicating that a dormitory block that has been abandoned for almost 10 years should be completed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Leader and Founder of Penyman Company Limited Mr Eric Ebow Kwesi Taylor in collaboration with the Free Education Movement also a Non-governmental organization visited the school and promised to support the school to do away with some of their challenges.

According to the leader of the foundation, they have been able to give a huge poly tank to help the school store enough water.

He also promised to supply them with enough furniture, dormitory beds and assist them to complete all the abandoned projects in the school.

According to him, the foundation want to help government to achieve its free Senior High School Policy.

Source: Starr FM