TALENT ON THE STREET: Ghanaian hawker dazzles onlookers with imaginary COVID-19 commentary prowess

An older woman, a hawker, is spotted in a 50-seconds video, mesmerising the watching public with her captivating imaginary football commentary.


It is often said that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Yes, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! Same thing obviously can be said about the current global novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, no matter how devastating you might think it has been, considering the health and economic havoc it has wrecked so far.

Perhaps, for the first time in human history, this pandemic has forced the entire world to adopt certain new ways of living which are not really pleasant, albeit, very necessary.

Some of the new ways of living include social distancing, regular washing of hands with soap under running water at short intervals, avoiding hugs and handshakes and instead elbow bumping, not to touch our faces, regular wearing of nose masks, frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and staying at home almost everyday, 24/7.

As a result of these new ‘normals’ and the plenty of time people have on their hands now, they are becoming more innovative and creative in several different ways. Musicians have composed masterpiece songs and some people have become popular on TikTok as actors and comedians.

Here, in Ghana, an amazing talent has also been discovered on the street on the back of Covid-19.

An older woman, a hawker, is spotted in a 50-seconds video, mesmerising the watching public with her captivating imaginary football commentary.

The hawker is seen with her ware, a basket of ice water for sale, on her head as she ran her commentary on Covid-19 versus the Black Stars of Ghana.

In the commentary, she mentions the inconvenience the virus has brought on Ghanaians and how the various social interventions by government have not been enough.

From the commentary, after 50 seconds of what appeared as a highly competitive, fast-tempo, and an end-to-end game, the Black Stars of Ghana emerged winners as they beat Coronavirus by a goal to nil, with Black Stars’ skipper captain, Andre Dede Ayew, getting the lone goal.

The street commentator received a lot of cheers and applause as she ran her commentary with a lot of colourful adjectives and descriptions in the Twi dialect.

Another amazing thing observed about the commentator was that she wasn’t even distracted when someone approached her to buy water. She sold the water without truncating her commentary.

In the less than one minute clip, the hawker-commentator applied almost all the elements needed to run a professional football commentary. Her report had flair, abundant vocabulary, clarity, dexterity, energy, pace and accuracy.

Obviously, this is a talent worth investing in and utilising. This hawker’s incredible skill must not let go waste. Maybe some of the Twi speaking radio stations can consider joining her to their sports unit. Who knows, she just might be our Peter Drury trapped in a rough; and may bring a different kind of spice to football commentary in the country post-Covid19 when life returns to normalcy.
Watch video below:

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