“The Republic is indeed very sick and needs to be fixed.” Sam George angry at “The System”; rants over the avoidable death of Assemblyman’s son

(When a fixer also cries for the system to be fixed…)

The Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Honourable Sam ‘Dzata’ George has expressed his outrage at the dysfunctionality of institutions, structures and processes in the country (the system) following what he described as “yet another needless death” of a 12-year-old son of an Assemblyman in his constituency.

The Ghanaian legislator, May 15 2021, Saturday Morning at about 7:28am on Twitter, wrote a string of messages narrating the sad events that led to the untimely demise of the little boy.

He admitted in his posts that “The Republic is indeed very sick and needs to be fixed.”

“I am angry. I am sad. I am pissed” was how Mr. George opened his narration.

He said his church service was truncated by a call and messages he received from the Assemblyman Friday evening.

According to the story as told by Sam George, the boy was rushed to the Battor Catholic Hospital in the Volta Region in the morning but his condition had been deteriorating. They therefore decided to arrange for the child to be transferred to Accra.

After calls to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the facility refused to receive the child citing that there was no bed.

Mr. George went on to say that, calls were made to the 37 Military Hospital which agreed to accept the boy at about 3pm.

The outspoken lawmaker, recounted that getting the National Ambulance Service to transport the child “was another issue entirely” as the service insisted that they needed to independently confirm from 37 Military Hospital before they could move.

Mr. George said, for over 5 hours the Ambulance Service could not reach anybody at 37 and it was at that point the Assemblyman called him.

He also reached the member of parliament for North Tongu, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, in whose jurisdiction the Battor Hospital is located, for his assistance.

Mr. Ablakwa in turn, contacted the head of the Battor Catholic Hospital, Dr. Atuguba, and connected him to Mr. George.

Mr. Ablakwa again reached one of his constituents who is a doctor at 37 for help.

According to Sam George, by the time they eventually got the green light, the poor boy “blacked out and could not be resuscitated. He died at 10:05pm.”

Several ordinary Ghanaians have suffered the same painful fate; their families looked on helplessly as death laid its icy hands on their loved ones owning to no beds at our health facilities, owing to no or late responses from essential service providers, owing to our failing systems in the nation, but our leaders were not pained, they were not angry, they were not bitter, they were not pissed and they did not lose sleep; I know this for a fact because if they did, we would all see and feel it in the system.

In those cases, those families did not have the luxury of the “whom you know” syndrome. They did not know any MPs, they did not know any Doctors, they had no links or connections to people in position or authority but they were Ghanaians, too. But the system failed them anyway.

To quote multiple award-winning Ghanaian Investigative journalist, Mannaseh Azure Awuni, “Everybody is a potential victim in a messed up system.”

The ‘unLucky’ Dube in his song “Crazy World” crooned “So far so good we still living today.
But we don’t know what tomorrow brings, in this crazy world.
People dying like flies every day.
You read about it in the news, but you don’t believe it.

You’ll only know about it,
When the man in the long black coat (death) Knocks on your door ‘Cause you’re his next victim.”

In our case as Ghanaians, we are living in a “Crazy Country”.

Read Sam George’s full account below:

I am angry. I am sad. I am pissed.

Yesterday evening around 8pm, I got a call and messages from an Assemblyman in my Constituency whilst I was at church that his 12 year old son had been rushed to the Battor Catholic hospital in the morning. The situation had been ……

…deteriorating and a decision was made early afternoon to transfer the child to Accra. Calls were made to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital but they refused to accept the child that there was no bed. Calls were made to 37 Military Hospital and they agreed to take the child…..

…This was about 3pm. Then the next hurdle began. The National Ambulance Service was called to transport the child. Getting the Service was another issue entirely. After getting the service, they insisted that they cannot move the child until they got their own independent ….

…confirmation from 37 Military Hospital. For well over 5 hours, they could not get anyone from 37 to confirm. It was at this point the Assemblyman in desperation called me. I quickly reached out to my Colleague and Brother Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa who is the MP for the area …

…to see if he could intervene with the Battor Clinic. He immediately called Dr. Atuguba who is the Head of the facility and put me in touch with him. It became clear quickly that Battor had done all they could and it was in the hands of 37 Military Hospital. Hon. Ablakwa …..

…called a Constituent of his who is a doctor at 37 to see if he could help us. At this point we had finally gotten an ambulance on standby to convey the child. By the time we got a Doctor at 37 to get involved and give the all clear to the ambulance service, the little boy …

…blacked out and could not be resuscitated. He died at 10:05pm. Why it would have to take 2 MPs to find a bed for a dying child who needed critical medical care has deprived me of sleep. Why we have ambulances that cannot move because there is no system in place to let them …

…know where to go angers me. Why we have a world class facility like the University of Ghana Medical Centre with so many empty beds rotting away beats my understanding. Yet another needless death. Should you know a big man somewhere for you to get the basic necessities? …

…This death has really pained me. It has left me bitter at the system. It has left me angry at the #FixYourself folks. How could the Assemblyman or his 12 year old fix this issue? The Republic is indeed very sick and needs to be fixed. How much longer can we go on like this….

…May the soul of this little child whose only crime is to be born Ghanaian rest in the bossom of the LORD.🦁😡😭

#FixTheCountry #FixGhanaNow

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