THE WINNING WAYS: LESSONS FROM LEWANDOWSKI (Going Behind The Curtains Of Entertainment)

(Post is from 7 years ago. May 2, 2013)


“Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

At every opportunity, I want to learn something new. So, although the game of football is more like a form of entertainment for, particularly, us the fans, I was seeing beyond the fun last Tuesday night, learning some really great life lessons from the Dortmund forward, Robert Lewandowski_(9) which I choose to call “The Winning Ways.”
All of a sudden I have come to like and respect Lewandowski so much, and here’s why.

I for one, hitherto, didn’t know him but I had seen the name Lewandowski owing to an EA Sports FIFA game I have on my mobile phone. Lol… So, it was until during the ongoing UEFA Champions League Semi-final first leg tie between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid at the Signal Iduna Park, Germany, last week, when he announced his presence with all four goals for his side; it was there and then I set my eyes on the real person.

Nonetheless, I didn’t come to like him this much and/or have great respect for him just because he singularly scored all four goals. No! Or because he was the talk of the town – on every lips, making the news and writing all the sports headlines right from that night. No!

Ironically, it was during the second leg where the Polish man scored no goals instead. In that game, because I learn everyday, there were a few things I observed about and learned of him. They are:

  1. Composure: Robert, as I watched him, kept his composure throughout the game. He never lost it even in the face of incessant hard, physical tackles on him from Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso especially. (It appeared as though they’d been assigned the duty to frustrate him but Robert remained resolute and purposeful, nonetheless, thus Ramos and Alonso objective was thwarted). However, times when he couldn’t handle it anymore, he never retaliated; not ever on one occasion. Rather, Lewandowski will do the honourable thing – walk to the referee and protest. What maturity! He respected system and he reverenced authority.
  2. Focus & Resolve: Despite, if you like, the obstacles, Robert’s resolve was not broken. Also, not on one occasion was he sidetracked from his objective as striker. He kept his focus intact that he almost got a goal after several attempts but was denied by the woodwork. Focus, indeed, is power.
  3. Calm Demeanour: Robert was calm and collected throughout the game. In spite of all the fouls and provocations, on him, as it were, Lewandowski was not angered or frustrated by them. I believe he knew that if he allowed his emotion to get in his way, it could rob him off his concentration and cost them the most important thing for which his team had made the long trip from Germany to Spain – qualification to the final.
  4. Gentle & Smiling: From where I stand, the Dortmund striker comes across as a gentleman. He had some sort of gentle aura around him. He almost always was smiling. According to recent studies, the simple act of smiling reduces stress that your body and mind feel, almost similar to getting good sleep, and may as well be a performance booster.
  5. Intelligence: Lewandowski’s such an intelligent striker, no two ways about that. His play says it all. He showed a lot of good thinking when he had the ball.

So, the Polish man won my respect with these qualities he displayed in Tuesday night’s game; no wonder they paid off. I salute him!

Any more traits you also noticed that I missed? Feel free to share…

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