The abode of accomplishment is meant for every individual and not a few. When your cravings trigger your aspirations and you pursue diligently, there is elation in the end. Success is what we have been designed to attain.

However, before you embark on the journey to your idyllic place, identify your COSTUME and put it on! It is central to the determination of the degree you reach in life. The new lands you conquer and the impact you make on those lands is determined by the costume you have on. Your purpose should be your costume!

The word Purpose is common but it true sense is not. Many are those who have unsurprisingly rebuffed its significance. A man’s purpose is his calling. Once you answer that call you are good to go. Cold-shouldering this essential call can deprive you from the nuggets of wisdom that can help you ease your way through adversities.

As far as man’s destiny is concerned, God is a tailor. He tailors man’s purpose to suit his destiny. He never get the measurements wrong. As special costumes are meant for specific fields of work, so are purpose and destiny. Undiscovered purpose in life leads to mediocrity.

Have you identified your costume (purpose)? Does it suits you? Many people are wearing the costumes of others out of ignorance or just to please. “That’s the ish”, they say. Sometimes you have to ask yourself; whose costume am I wearing?

Is it the one that my parents gave me because they thought it suited me? Or the one that friends advised me to try because they thought it was meant for me? The moment you provide the right answers to these questions, the level you are in life becomes clearer to you.

Instantly you know whether you are at your rightful place in life or not. I am not saying shrug off parental advice or friendly counsel. However, there are stages in life. There is a stage where decisions are taken on your behalf because you are too young to take one.

Then there is a stage where you take the decision and submit it for sound counsel. Because no one will forever be under parental care. Besides, your destiny is best handled by you through divine inspiration.

If you are wearing the wrong costume in life then advise yourself. In other words, stop fulfilling the wrong purpose. God has a specific role for you to play in life. You cannot afford to walk in another person’s shadow. At least not for too long! We cannot succeed by doing that.

Take off that wrong costume and put yours on! Know who you are, what you want and where you want to get to in life and work towards it. Be mindful though, that your aspirations should not be in contention with God’s plan. Because you cannot serve to masters. And if you are struggling to discover your purpose (costume) and HIS plan, remember, “Prayer is the key”.

It is good to have role models but it is better to exceed them. You cannot put on the right costume and fulfill another person’s duty. A good role model is a yardstick! Once you outdo them, your achievements becomes the new standard for others to try and outdo.

Role models bring out the best in you, so you must attempt to bring out the best in others. NB: Avoid unhealthy comparison because it breeds JEALOUSY.
With the right costume on, you become a dominating force in the world. You are recognized as a leader and not a second fiddle. You become one who execute his duties with an act of mastery.

Every leader acts with confidence and class. A discovered purpose leads to a fulfilled destiny. The eagle knows its purpose. All it has to do is hunt to survive. The ant knows its purpose. All it has to do is search for food to survive.

If you know your purpose you’ll know what to do to live a life worth emulating. Your Purpose should Be Your Costume, Wear It!

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