You Can Bounce Back (Part 3)


Walt Disney with a cutout of his famous cartoon, Mickey Mouse. Photo: United Artists/Photofest via

Today we look at the incredible life story of Walt Disney who did not allow failure to get in his way but pushed through his disappointments, failures and heatbreaks to attain a trans-generational success.

Pause! Imagine for a moment if Walt had given up on his dream. Generations upon generations would have been let down big time, isn’t it? This is why no matter how many times you fall on your face, you too need to be a bounce-back person…because, who knows, generations may depend on your legacy.

Now, to Walt’s story. In early 1921, Disney built his first company, called Laugh-O-Gram Studio, and secured a contract for six animations.

Shortly after, however, the business struggled to generate enough money to stay afloat. And so, Disney tried to rescue his company through the production of Alice’s Wonderland‍—‌a short film displaying live human action with animation.

Each day, Disney slept on the floor of the studio office, showered at the train station, and ate cold beans from a can. Despite his efforts, in 1923, Laugh-O-Gram went bankrupt and Disney was back to living in relative poverty.
Disney was crushed and heartbroken. He felt like a failure for disappointing friends, family and investors who had put their faith in him.

He swore to make amends, and traveled to Hollywood to become a film director.

But after several months of looking for work, Disney conceded defeat. It was another blow to his ego. Another failure on his resume.

The curse of his father’s life of failure seemed to be reliving itself in Walt’s life.

Disney however, refused to give up. He got back on this feet and once again, reached out to film distributors to showcase his animation, Alice’s Wonderland.

Disney was third time lucky.
Margaret Winkler, a New York film distributor, got back to Disney and offered 1,500 dollars for six Alice comedies. The animation was well received, and the distributor ordered more animations.

Shortly after, Disney and his brother, Roy, created the Disney Brothers Studio‍—‌which later became The Walt Disney Company‍.

Be inspired and have a motivated Monday.

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